Large Italian Online Shop Exposed Customers Details

On Sept 4th I have identified an open and unprotected Elasticsearch cluster containing sensitive details of customers of Calcioshop.it, popular online shop in Italy for football accessories. Database contained 408,995 records with information about Calcioshop customer…

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Gartner’s Legacy System Exposed Online

On August 14th I have sent a responsible disclosure notice to Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, alerting them on a misconfigured Elasticsearch cluster with 1TB+ of data. According to Shodan and…

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Golf App Exposes 218k Users’ Data Online

On April 1st Bob Diachenko discovered a non-password protected Elastic database that appeared to contain millions of records detailing golf games, courses, messages, and other player data. Upon further investigation there were many references to GAME…

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