Articles by Jeremiah Fowler

Home Loan Provider Exposed 695k Records Online

Recently I discovered a large collection of what appeared to be records related to home loans. Upon further research the records were connected to Texas based Southwest Funding. On May 20th I discovered a publicly…

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Estee Lauder Exposed 440 Million Records Online

On January 30th I discovered a non-password protected database that contained a massive amount of records totaling 440,336,852. Upon further review I was able to see connections to New York based cosmetic company Estée Lauder. I…

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Golf App Exposes 218k Users’ Data Online

On April 1st Bob Diachenko discovered a non-password protected Elastic database that appeared to contain millions of records detailing golf games, courses, messages, and other player data. Upon further investigation there were many references to GAME…

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