Cyber Security Training For Employees

Information Security Awareness Training

The information that you and your employees collect and store is the core of your business. To protect this information your team must have effective information security awareness training. If you are a small startup or large corporation we can provide cyber awareness training solutions to help reduce risk and protect the data you need to operate your business.

Human Intelligence is the best Firewall
Who has access to your organization’s most sensitive information? Are they aware of the dangers of data exposures? Has this person and your team been trained in information and data security best practices?  

We can help you and your team understand the most important parts of Information Security Awareness Training.
    • Roles in Information Security
    • Information and Data Classification
    • Who Should Have Information Access Control
    • How to Safely Use Electronic Mail
    • Internal Use of Internet and Safe Browsing
    • Use of Personal Computer Systems
    • Physical Security Principles
    • Secure Communications
    • Security Policies
    • Data Exposures and Reporting Incidents

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