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We know from experience that being involved in a data breach can be a nightmare for your business and customers. Even with compliance and the most strict data policies a vast number of organizations will at some point have some type of data breach. There are thinking you can do before, during and after a data breach and we can help you. The size and scope of a data breach can cost thousands or even millions of dollars depending on how sensitive or damaging that data was. Every business or origination should have a Crisis Management Plan and do a security audit of their systems and we can help you. Contact us now to discuss your needs and how we can protect your reputation and your customer’s data.

Our Professional Approach and Real Experience Can Make the Difference

1. Dedicated Incident Response Team

In the event of a data breach, leak, or hack we will monitor and manage the event to make sure that the proper steps are made to mitigate damage during the crisis. We will work together with senior leadership or owners to make sure any messaging or information that is released to the media or public is factual and accurate while trying to contain negative impact. We can craft a Crisis Communications plan that will be the core messaging for both internal and external. If you have suffered a data leak don’t do it alone, let us help you. We have see firsthand what can happen when an angry CEO gets on social media and makes false statements, blames security researchers, and makes things much worse in the process.

2. Data Breach Notification
Notification is broken in 2 spheres: Internal and External

Internal notification. Bad news does not go away if you pretend it didn’t happen. Your employees must be notified of a breach, hack, or potential breach. When an incident occurs it is vital that the company has a spokesperson and everyone understands. We can help you to train everyone in your organization to understand the dangers of not reporting a data issue immediately and make sure that senior management or ownership communicates what happened, how, and why.

External notification. This can often be the most difficult because telling your customers, the media and stakeholders can not only hurt your reputation but it can cost thousands of dollars in fines or lost business. We can help you determine the stakeholders who need to be notified and how the messaging will be. We will help you explain what happened and what you are doing to resolve the issue to external partners (vendors, law enforcement, regulatory agencies, insurance providers, etc.), customers and/or clients, and the public.

3. Investigate Data Breaches

A data breach investigation has 2 parts: technical and non technical. The technical portion of an investigation would involve cyber forensics and could require the assistance from an outside firm that specializes in this core area. In the event of criminal hacking or data theft we can help you work with and inform law enforcement. The non-technical portion is communications, recovery planning and identifying threats or motives involved with the leaked data.

4. Internal Communications Plan

Silence is the most dangerous thing you can offer during a crisis. Employees and stakeholders want and need to know what is going on in the event of a crisis. No one should ever lean of a data breach or crisis from the media. It is extremely important to have policies and procedures on communications to members of the organization the same as you would for member of the public. When there is a problem and there is no information sometimes people create their own ideas of what could be going on. Imagine an employee or manager has no information and speculates their fears to the media? This could be devastating to your reputation, customers, and other employees. Imagine the damage of them learning from FaceBook, Twitter, or worse CNN / local news? We can help you!

5. Informing the Public about a Data Breach

The customers trusted a business or organization with their most sensitive data. The most important part of your business and It is never easy to explain to them and the public that you have leaked everything and that they should still trust you and continue doing business with you. We can help you communicate the potential risks, both current and future, what kind of data or information was leaked or breached and advise you on a plan of actions. It is important to tell the public what happened, and what you are doing to fix this problem in the future. The actions and messaging during this crucial time can make or break your business or organization.

6. After the Crisis

We will work with you and provide regular external audits of your security and data protection.
We can create intrusion detection exercise using a third party and simulate a “data breach”
We will train your leadership and key employees to understand crisis communication related to data and privacy.

Don’t wait until the worst happens contact us today to make a plan. If the worst has already happened and you need help, we are ready to assist you at every step of the way. Don’t let your critics or the media speak for you during a crisis, take action now.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to see how we can help you.