CCPA Compliance Service

California Consumer Privacy Act Compliance Service

The CCPA goes in to effect on January 1st, 2020 and will make some big changes in how organizations and companies use or store data (this includes customers and users). One positive side of the CCPA is that it will lift the vial of secrecy and make businesses more transparent with the data they collect, store, and what they do with it. Another key focus is that we the people can opt-out, download, or delete their data.

In conclusion most of us agree that CCPA will be good for consumers and users, but a complicated set of rules for organizations and companies. It is clear that many will not be ready for this change and the compliance regulations that come along with it. For those not ready to face this battle alone they will need to consult a CCPA Compliance Service. The expert team at Security Discovery can help you at every stage of your data management plan.

Do you do business in California and are you prepared? Security Discovery’s CCPA Compliance Service can help you and make sure you are ready.

Here is our process and an overview of how we work to ensure your compliance:

  • CCPA Assessment
    We will conduct a review to assess where you are now with complying to the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This will help us understand the status, identify risks or areas of weakness. Once we conduct the analysis we will craft a plan to bring your organization in to compliance with the CCPA requirements.
  • CCPA Privacy Assessment
    We have extensive experience with GDPR compliance and this gives us an advantage with understanding the strict privacy regulations imposed by the European Union. We will identify areas of improvement and this will strengthen your overall privacy.
  • CCPA Privacy Program Development
    We will conduct a full review that includes designing, building and implementing a CCPA plan that meets all compliance requirements. Security Discovery offers a CCPA privacy program development services for the following areas:
    • Data Inventory Program
    • Risk Assessment Program
    • Transparency Program
    • Use, Retention and Disposal
    • Third Parties and Onward Transfer

Key Components of CCPA:
1. Users will know if personal information is being collected about them.
2. Users must know if their personal information is sold, shared and with who.
3. They have the option to decline the sale of personal information.
4. They can have full access to their own personal information (they can download or even delete this data).
5. Equal service and price. This means Companies aren’t allowed to discriminate in prices, offers, or services if a user opts out, deletes their data, or refuses to consent to having their data sold.
There are some specific conditions for this section:
• Businesses with annual gross revenues of at least $25 million
• Data brokers and or organizations that deal in large amounts of consumer or user data. This would include anyone who buys, receives, sells, or shares the personal information of 50,000 or more customers, users, or other data as defined by the law.
•The CCPA also comes with fines and opens the door for users to file lawsuits. The fines can rage from $100 and $750+ per user. Then California can impose a $7,500 fine per violation that has not been addressed and corrected within 30 days.

If you are worried about being prepared and in compliance contact us today. Security Discovery’s CCPA Compliance Service can help you avoid costly mistakes and protect the data you collect and store.




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