We are a small passionate team.

Our team

We're a multicultural team from around the world! We come from diverse backgrounds, bringing different personalities, experiences, and skills to the job.

Members of our security team have identified data breaches that were covered by news outlets such as the BBC, Forbes, Financial Times, Washington Post, Engadget, TechCrunch, NYDaily News, and many more.

We report on data breaches we discover and offer unique perspectives on how they occurred and who may have been impacted. We are proud to say that we have collectively secured the personal data of millions of people online.

Bob Diachenko

Bob Diachenko

Cyber Threat Intelligence Director

Jeremiah Fowler

Jeremiah Fowler

Director of Security Research and Senior Communications Consultant

Sebastien Kaul

Sebastien Kaul

Technical Team Lead

Our history

Founded Company

Founded in 2018 with a mission of data protection and cyber security education. We built a team of like minded individuals who were passionate about data security.

News Headlines and Growing Consultancy

In 2020 Security Discovery identified 2 of the top 10 biggest breaches of that year. We expanded our consulting and thought leadership program to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies.

From Security Research to Service Provider

In 2022 Security Discovery transitioned from a security research center to a full scale cyber risk management company and is actively seeking investment funding.