Welcome to Security Discovery

This site was founded by a team of cyber security researchers and offers news, best practices, consulting services and more. Members of our security team have identified data breaches that were covered by news outlets such as the BBC, Forbes, Financial Times, Washington Post, Engadget, TechCrunch, NYDaily News, and many more. We report on data breaches we discover and offer unique perspectives on how they occurred and who may have been impacted. We are proud to say that we have collectively secured the personal data of millions of people online.

Meet Our Core Team:

Cyber Threat Intelligence Director
Bob Diachenko
Cyber Threat Intelligence Director


Bob Diachenko: Over 12 years experience working in corporate/product/internal communications with a strong focus on infosecurity, IT and technology. In the past Bob has worked with top tier media, government agencies, and law enforcement to help secure exposed data. Follow Bob on Twitter and his blog on Linkedin

Core areas of knowledge:  Database Security, Cyber Risk, Data Privacy, Data Protection and Security Risks, GDPR



Jeremiah Fowler
Director of Security Research and Senior Communications Consultant

Jeremiah Fowler: 10+ years working for an international security software company. Specializing in crisis planning, communications and security research. With a strong understanding of statistics through hands-on experience with the execution or analysis of qualitative or quantitative research. “I love the future of technology and cyber security. The mission of security discovery is that we are committed to education and understanding how important data protection is”.

Core areas of knowledge: Software, Internet Security, Cyber Risk, Mobile Payments, Blockchain, Data Privacy, Data Protection and Security Risks, Data Analytics.


Mark Daniels
Security Researcher and Data Analyst

Mark Daniels: Data analyst with a vast experience in the financial services sector. He spent 4 years conducting extensive market research for the security software industry. Mark is a data researcher and a technical copywriter who brings both journalistic and analytical insights to Security Discovery.

Core areas of knowledge: Internet Security, Banking and Finance, Database Protection, Data Analytics.



Sébastien Kaul: Security researcher who has identified high risk vulnerabilities due to his long standing cyber security experience. Some of his discoveries included the network security hole in the company Voxox, which allowed anyone to read two factor authentication SMS codes from top companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and Booking.com, is a great example of his high quality work.

Core areas of knowledge: white-box testing of web-applications, identification of network security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations